The Positive On the “Negatives”

guiltandshameweightI have worked with many clients where self-deprecation is so ingrained in their thought process. It is an automatic response for them. While it is a difficult habit to break, it is not an impossible.

Many people don’t even realize that they are “self-deprecators”. A way to determine if you are, is by listening to yourself speak things such as:

I have struggled with it so long, I should have conquered this by now.
I will NEVER get over X.
I am such a loser.
I just have to accept that X is the way it will be the rest of my life.

It is fine to stop and ask questions of why you do certain behaviors, but only if you are truly looking to solve the problem. I always encourage my clients to take a look at why they do what they do. What was the emotion or feeling behind the decision made? What are ways to recognize you are stress eating, comfort eating, or distracted eating and then diminish those patterns?

It is evident in studies done, and is no secret, that guilt and shame, even done by self, does NOTlead to long-lasting effective change. So if this is the case in your life, and you are ready to make a change, here is just one thing to focus on over the next couple of weeks…that’s right, just one.

Focus on the positive of what you consider the failure.

A client that says something negative such as, “I only exercised once this past week. I am a failure.” Focus on what seemingly is negative, and realize the potential in it. Let me give you an example:

Self-deprecating: “I exercised only once this past week.”
Positive the Negative: “I may have only exercised once this past week, but that is almost a 15% increase in exercise than last week.” This week, I am going to shoot for an almost 30% increase by exercising two times this week.”

Self-deprecating: “I blew it on my diet this week, I knew I couldn’t keep it up for very long.”
Positive the Negative: “I blew it on my diet this week. What can I learn from this past week’s nutrition that can help aid me in making better decisions when the same circumstances arise?”

So a seemingly negative problem, is now based in hope and encouragement, rather than negative self-talk. This puts you in a much better mindset in helping you reach your goals, because negativity caused by guilt and shame, never leads to long-lasting “positive” (hoped you liked that little pun) change .

I know you may have questions that might start with a, “Yeah Ben, but what if….” I get it, and am tempted to ask those same questions at times right along side of you.

However, I would encourage you to put the questions aside for one or two weeks, and just begin focusing on the positive of the negative. If you have been someone who has the negative self-talk ingrained in you and is almost automated, then this will be difficult and is as pain staking as trying to re-wire the electric cords in your house. Just know the same sort of thing will have to be done with neurons in your brain. You are forming new neurological pathways. The other pathway is worn down and easier to travel. You however, will be traveling through high grass, and cultivating new pathways that will eventually become a much easier pathway.

So while you might feel like stabbing yourself with a fork in an eyes might be less painful, I encourage you to keep on fighting. Because after all, at least you are strong enough to fight through it, which is much more admirable than lying in the bed feeling sorry for yourself. (How’s that for putting a positive on the negative?)


Great Phone Apps to Keep You on Track

I was reading one of my fitness journals recently and came across this great article that shows some very handy apps to use to aide you in reaching your goals. Some of them are just simply informative in what you are purchasing regarding nutrition, others will help you in your shopping attempt.

Cost: Free, iTunes
Scan the barcode of an item, and the app gives it a nutritional grade – with notes on contributing factors, such as sugar or fat levels. Healthier alternatives are also suggested. This is great if you are new to reading food labels and trying to make better food choices.

Cost: $3.99, iTunes
This is a surefire way to organize a grocery list, minus the crumpled paper. The app can also sync your list with the lists of other family members.

Cost: Free, Google Play
Can’t remember if you already have a can of black beans in your pantry? Out of Milk holds your grocery list and keeps track of what’s already in your pantry and fridge.

Cost: Free, iTunes
Reel in the most sustainable seafood from the fish counter with a guide to green and red-light fish from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, CA.

Cost: Free, iTunes
Created by the Center for Food Safety, this app gives you the scoop on whether the food you are considering purchasing contains genetically modified ingredients.


Cost: Free, iTunes
Get great recipes in making whole foods so you are not having to add any processed foods. If you are moving out of the category of making Hamburger Helpers to your own healthy recipes, then this is the app for you.

Cost: iTunes – $0.99, Android – $0.99
Great for keep track of your runs distance, time, and other useful tools such as letting others see where you are at during a race or for safety in general.

Cost: Free, iTunes
If your phone is always on your hip or in your pocket, you can let it help you live a healthier life. The Moves App works as a pedometer while you walk, run, or cycle. Using GPS, your phone can recognize where you are and create a point in the timeline of your day. It’s a great way to create accountability for yourself, find ways and times when you can create more exercise, and you can see if you’re reaching the goal of 10,000 steps a day.

Cost: Free, iTunes and Android
One of the hardest parts of dieting is finding the motivation to keep going when things get hard. My Diet Coach App is designed to be your cheerleader and help you beat all the potential hazards that could put a damper on your diet dreams. Got a food craving? Give yourself the food craving 15, in which a stopwatch times you for 15 minutes. Wait 15 minutes and see if you’re really still craving that food. The app can also give you motivational tips, suggestions, or thought cues to help you beat the craving or find motivation.

This isn’t an all-in-one diet app, however. You can’t track your exercise, weight, or your food. It’s all about motivation.

Hope these apps aide in helping you reach those fitness goals!

Resources found at:

IDEA, Food and Nutrition Tips, Nov. – Dec. 2013, (IDEA Health and Fitness Association, pg. 26)

The Beauty of Self-Limiting Exercises

kb and bb windmill
So I can almost hear your voice through your computer (ok, that is a little freaky, sorry), “What is a self-limiting exercise, and why is it so beautiful about it?” Well my young fitness padawans, let your fitness master train you in the fitness jedi ways.

I was recently reading through some work by Alwyn Cosgrove, and instead of reinventing the wheel, I will quote his definition of self-limiting exercises. “Self-limiting exercise provides an automatic yet natural obstacle that prevents you from doing it wrong, or doing an excessive volume.”

Now, doesn’t that just bless your little heart, and get you all excited? If you are not yelling at the computer screen how awesome this information is, then keep reading, your heart will begin to beat faster and faster as you go on. If you have any sort of heart condition, make sure you take your Beta blocker before reading on!

Self-limiting exercises are beautiful, because simply put, you can go hard, but not to the point of where you are going to hurt yourself (cough…cough…Crossfit…cough…cough). That being said, along with my jabs at ridiculous fitness trends, how do self-limiting exercises help an individual beyond keeping the one performing the exercise safe? What are the benefits?

For starters, you can preform self-limiting exercises in succession or circuit. The way to make improvement to your body is to take it to the point at which it fails. This is how gains are made, whether the goal is hypertrophy (muscle gain) or weight loss. Self-limiting exercises do just that. It creates huge energy demands while minimizing the use of overuse or injury. Please don’t misunderstand, nothing takes the risk of injury or overuse completely out of the equation, self-limiting exercises reduce that risk. However, the pay off is that one can preform an exercise session in much less time to one in which doesn’t use self-limiting exercise and get the same results. Again, this is due to the huge energy demands that are used.

Gray Cook further describes self-limiting exercises as those exercises that “require[s] mindfulness and an awareness of movement, alignment, balance, and control. Self-limiting exercise require engagement.” In other words, you can’t just look like the normal meat head in the gym raring back trying to get five more reps in his set of curls. While no exercise should be preformed meaninglessly and without thought to form, these are different than just focusing on your set of curls. So what separates the two different forms of exercise? Maybe some examples would be useful here.

Turkish Get-Ups – You either are able to get up off the ground or you are not. You either fall over or drop the weight on your head.

Chin/Pull Ups – You can either pull yourself up, or you have to stop

Kettle bell windmills – You either are able to keep form and get down, and if you can get down, getting up is another story.

Sled pushes/pulls – You are either can pull/push the weighted sled, or you can’t

Bottoms up kettle bell farmer walks – You can either keep the weight upside down, or your core or grip strength will give out.

So, in all these types of exercises you can see how either you can do it, or you can’t. You are limited by the bodies ability to preform the exercise. You have to stay engaged in the exercise, otherwise you are going to fail, and that is a good thing. So let’s sum up a self-limiting exercise: (and this is also from Alwyn Cosgrove)

1. The body is given immediate feedback (you immediately know when you are doing it wrong)
2. The exercise is hard, but not impossible, to do incorrectly
3. Requires mental engagement – Gray Cook calls this “Forced Focusing”
4. It can be corrective

and I would add

5. Huge metabolic and energy demanding exercises that reduce the risk of injury or overuse

Take fore instance runners that have knee and hip injuries. This is usually the result of overuse. The body wasn’t made to handle that kind of stress for prolonged periods of times. “We” love the marathon, so what we did was to simply “add to the fun” by creating ultra marathons. To do so, we increased the cushion in the heel of the shoe, so that the full force wasn’t felt by the heel, forcing the body to naturally limit you (normally a self-limiting exercise with no shoe on). This also deleted the complete lack of proprioception that is lost in the movement, turning on neurons to fire, keeping you stable. So the normal way in which the body auto-corrects itself through the use of proprioception is cut off and overuse injury happens.

I just saw an old friend that had her leg in a brace and was talking of how she had issues with her ankle. Guess what she does, Ultra marathons. Yet, even in a cast, she is still trying to run on it and getting ready for a race that was created by one of my college professors (who by the way can no longer run due to overuse injury and now just bikes ultra races…hhhhmmmmm…sounds like he might need therapy?) called…”Mountain Masochist”. The name alone should cause people to not participate. However, multitudes will gather to run this race. But if you are reading this blog, you are a smarter and much more informed exerciser than the status quo one. But I digress…

Please keep in mind that I am laying aside corrective exercises or imbalances that one might need to address first. That is where I can help you. I can assess the needs and struggles that a client has and then prescribe a self-limiting exercise that meets their goal for weight loss. If you are interested in more of what I have to offer you, visit:

Until next time….KEEP EVOLVING!

How to make big changes

Many of you, thankfully, are detailed oriented. Nothing brings you greater joy than making that quick stroke of the pen. You are the people that I am so thankful for. I am not wired that way whatsoever. I am a visionary and love to see the big picture of where we are going and drive people in that direction.

That often means that I can get overwhelmed with all that needs to take place to get us from point A to B. When it feels way too much, it often can paralyzes me and I stay stagnate, no matter how gloriously beneficial “B” might be.

Maybe that is the way you feel with your weightloss. It feels like so much has to happen to get your body in to the dream or desire that you might have for it. Going to the doctor doesn’t help either does it? He/she just says, “You need to eat better and get into a good fitness routine.” He/she makes it sound so simplified and easy. Just two steps to take everyday, and BAAAAAAMMMM!, you have that sexy body. But if it is that simple, why aren’t you reaching your goals? Why does it feel so daunting?

Let’s face it…you are busy. Isn’t that the usual response you get from people upon asking them how they are doing? Busy!

All the demands of going to school full time, being a full time mom, taking care of your elderly parents, running kids all over God’s creation, and finding time to sleep sometime in there is enough reason not to eat well and exercise. So when the doctor makes it so simple, maybe it is much more involved and his or her simplistic advise seems like a joke when you seek to apply it.

To make it worse, fitness tools will tell you, “You just need to make time for exercise!”, which only then builds more guilt or anger. The problem is that guilt or anger NEVER motivates anyone long term.

Strong is the New SEXY!

Being a man, I have had to learn how to work with, motivate, and see what makes women tick. This is a challenge for me, and I am always up for a good challenge, so it is fun. While no man will ever understand women in their own beautifully complex psyche, it has been fun reading and hearing from other women trainers what every male trainer should know.

However, one thing I have never understood is women who work their butts off in the gym but be scared to lift anything over a five pound weight. Women are terrified of “bulking up”, and so they fall on the other end of the spectrum, and go light. I fully understand not wanting to look like a woman on the cover of a body building magazine that has 20 inch pythons and no visible chest other than huge pectoral muscles. The vast majority of men don’t want their woman to look like this or have them change their name from Britney to Bubba.

The problem with getting in the gym and only lifting five pound weights is simply on principle. Most of my training with women is not those that want to go into some sort of competition. It is with women that need to be able to keep up with their children and want to look and be healthy. That being said, all my female clients are going to lift heavy. The main reason for this is that I deal with weight loss clients, and you burn a ton of calories when you lift heavy versus light.

Not only is it beneficial for weight loss but for everyday living. Pick up that purse, how much does it weigh? How much do your grocery bags weigh with all those fruits and vegetables you are buying? How much do your kids weigh that that you pick up multiple times everyday? So are you benefiting yourself with only picking up those five pound weights? Don’t waste any more of your time in the gym, because if you aren’t challenging yourself, your body will never change.

So how do you know how much you should be lifting? Well, it depends on your goals, how long you have been working out, and the types of exercise you have been doing. There is no easy answer to this question. This really is why a fitness professional is so crucial to your success.

So when I say “Strong is the New SEXY!”, the thing that you might be hearing is getting hugely muscular. I ensure you that I in no way mean this. That does not mean that you will not see normal muscular growth. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons I try to get my female clients to not get on a scale again. I want them to not worry about the weight on the scale. Muscle takes up less room on their body compared to the same amount of fat. I have had a female client that dropped two dress sizes and have only lost FOUR POUNDS! That is due to them losing ten pounds of fat, but gaining six pounds of muscle. Pound for pound, muscle takes up less room than fat. Therefore, stop getting on the scale, and start picking out an outfit the next size down, or that is too snug to wear outside of your house. Try it on weekly at the same time each week and allow that to be your “scale”. Allow the outfit to be the measure of how you are doing, not the scale.

Ladies, I would love to hear what you think, or even hear your push backs that you might have on what is said in this blog. Keep it up and start lifting heavier than you are used to for some serious change.

The Jane Fonda Wedgie, Part 2

JaneFondaAerobic classes, while some are effective, most are not. However, gyms make most of their profit off of grouping mass amounts of people in one room where there is a sense of community and an energetic and perky women at the front bouncing around encouraging you to keep on breathing. Having an energy, a sense of community, and fun music is a great way in which to reach more people at once. Add to that with research that says running may not be the best for your joints, and let’s do something a little bit more easy on the joints (while wearing lycra).

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for building community and especially when it involves exercise. Studies show that people do far greater reaching their goals whenever there is community involved. I also would rather have someone take an aerobic class than sit on the couch. All we are reviewing is if you are going to work out and take time out of your already busy day, why not get the most bang for your buck?

How many true success stories have you seen from those that attend an aerobic class? While there are a few success stories, considering the amount of people that attend aerobic classes, the results of the couple do not make it beneficial. Why is this? You are taping into a totally different energy system, or the way in which your body produces energy.

Three ways in which the body produces energy (while I know this is educational, hang with me) are through the aerobic system, the anaerobic system, and the creatine phosphate system. Let’s discuss two of them for just a minute. The aerobic system produces energy by using oxygen to burn fat. In simplistic turns, you use fat for fuel. Therefore, when people are going for a run, taking an aerobic class, or just simply moving to get their heart rate up, the body takes from fat stores in the body for fuel. This might seem like this is the way in which to drop body fat and because of the nature of the energy system, one would conclude (including exercise physiologist) that this is how to lose body fat.

In contrast, the anaerobic system simply means “without oxygen”. So it doesn’t use oxygen, the anaerobic system uses glycogen stored in the muscle and liver to make energy. This is a much more powerful energy system, but you can run out of stores much faster than fat stores. You can only last anywhere from 30 seconds about a minute and a half on the anaerobic system. Contrast that with the aerobic system where you can go roughly a full marathon on one pound of fat.

So what does all this mean? Why doesn’t the aerobic system work for losing fat? Well, as discussed in part 1 of this series, when you do aerobic activity, it increases hormones that fight against fat loss. The body basically says, “I need to save some of this energy and store up for next time.” So it slows the metabolism down and releases cortisol which increases fat absorption.

On the flip side, the anaerobic system using glycogen helps you do lifting exercises and longer sprint type actions that last longer than 15-20 seconds. This helps build more muscle, which needs repaired after having microscopic tears in the muscle (which is partly why you get sore). Therefore, to repair the muscle, your metabolic processes that try to help aid in that endeavor stay elevated. Combine good nutrition with lower calories, and your body will need to pull resources from somewhere in the body. The first place it will pull from is stored fat. This is one of the reasons doing anaerobic exercise far outweighs aerobic exercise for burning fat.

However, this is where a skilled exercise professional comes into play. You are more likely to get injured from anaerobic exercise than aerobic type activity. Having a good guide that knows correct form, how fast or slow to progress you, and one that keeps you safe is so crucial for anaerobic exercise. Add a knowledgeable nutrition coach, and you will have a dynamic opportunity to lose the most amount of fat in the shortest, yet safest time possible. That is where Body Evolution Wellness comes in. Helping you navigate through a fitness routine, knowing when to progress you, identifying the problems and practical solutions to make long lasting and positive changes. When you come on board with the Body Evolution Wellness team, you are not just getting a personal trainer, but a fitness professional that focuses on the person as a whole. So if your ready for dynamic and lasting change, come be a part of what many others have already benefited from by signing up for a service called “Fitness Consultation.” Take yourself through a six month program with weekly calls from a fitness professional who will guide you through a better and whole you. Your body is evolving into something, why not evolve it into something great?

For more information, go to:

The Jane Fonda Wedgie


So to all you Jane Fonda lovers, I don’t hate the play-ah’, I just hate the game! What I mean is that I am bothered by how people in the exercise community have confused the average person with information that has messed up our ideology of what fat loss is. Honestly, this problem goes back before good ol’ Jane. It goes back to exercise physiologist just not understanding the body as we do today.

It all started with running, the cursed plyometric exercise. While you usually see runners in magazines and in general as thin and in shape, people have concluded that this exercise was best for getting and staying thin. However, there is a guilt by association affect with running. Thin people are usually drawn to running, become passionate about the ridiculous exercise and try to recruit others to their way of a slow meaningless death.

So because there are usually people that are in shape that run, we get the idea that this is the best way in which to lose weight and keep it off. Now, before you through me out and disregard me as just another fitness pro trying to confuse people about exercise, I encourage you to read on. At the end of the day, facts do not lie, but people that distort the truth do. So I attempt to bring about some facts for you.

1. Your metabolism is increased only several hours after cardio exercise.
2. Increasing your metabolism is one crucial way in which to fast tract weight loss.
3. Resistance training can increase your metabolism for up to 72 hours (3 days) thereafter.
4. According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), plyometric exercises should not be executed without a baseline of strength to begin with.
5. Running is a plyometric exercise.
6. Running increase two bad hormones, cortisol and PPY. Cortisol increase fat absorption (typically seen in stressful situations) and PPY makes you feel hungry and not as satiated. Two main problems with people trying to LOSE FAT.
7. You can increase your VO2 (Volume of oxygen that you take in for an activity) proportionately with resistance training as you can with running.

So where does Jane Fonda all fit into this? The exercise community said run to get in shape. They then found out that women dressed in lycra and tall puffy socks would attract more people…to which that was a success. However, that same line of thinking continues to remain, even though that was 20 years ago and research has proven otherwise. For more of this…please continuing reading… Part 2…coming soon.

Too Busy To Exercise?

One of the biggest things I hear about as a trainer is clients being too busy to get back in shape, or being too busy to exercise at all. All the gadgets that we use to speed things up, has distracted our lives. Funny how that works.

But even if you are not technologically savy, like me, know that even if we stopped watching TV as much and got off Candy Crush and Facebook a little more than normal, we would still be too busy to exercise. After all, this is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to blog the past couple of weeks. Life is just crazy.

I just talked with a potential client a couple of days ago that had the same problem. Working 7a till about 4p, then picking up her kids till about 8p or 9p when they go back to their dads house, only to be dead tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Then, she gets to wake up and do it all over again. Never mind the fact that she is heavily evolved in her church, tries to cultivate a good marriage with her husband, and leave little time for cleaning and self-care.

The fact is that life is just very busy for most of us. It is for me. Trying to juggle a growing business, three kids, a wife, and maintaining friendships keep me busy enough to keep me away from exercise, and heck, I am a fitness professional. I have found though that a lot of times we have misconceptions about exercise! What if it is less time consuming than we think? What if it is the small things that add up to large gains? The truth is that it is easier than you think.

However, with all that you have going on, adding one more thing to do and think of, makes it feel like your brain might explode. That is why using someone who is an exercise specialist that knows what they are doing is so crucial to the process. Someone that can get you the results that you want and make it a lasting change that is sustainable for the long haul. Someone who can pinpoint the problems, figure a solution and get you on the right tract.

In the information age, it is hard to decipher at times what fitness idea is fact or fiction. Doctors tell us don’t eat egg yokes, then they say eat egg yokes, don’t eat chocolate, oh wait, it is good for you. A fitness professional is able to crack through all the garbage and help you out.

That is where we can partner together to make the goals that you have long lasting. Not only can I help you with your fitness goals, I can help you with your wallet size as well. While your waist line is shrinking, your wallet gets fatter. Right now, I am offering a deal so good, that you will save hundreds of dollars while getting in the best shape of your life, and you will still be able to move the next day after a work out.

I am offering a 25% off through the rest of 2013 on any package that I offer if you purchase before the end of June.

Not only I am offering 25% off, I am offering 10 free sessions to the first 10 people the purchase a package with Body Evolution Wellness.

I am trying to take away every reason that you might have to say no. Just two days a week with me, a little on your own (two days a week for 15-20 minutes each), and you could get in great shape. So take advantage of my Body Evolution Wellness kick-start, and kick start your way to a better you.

The Hardest Exercise EVER!

CerealAfter reading the title of this blog, you might very likely yell out “ONE LEGGED 15 POINT BURPEE!”  I assure you that the exercise I’m talking about has nothing to with movements spawned in the pit of hell.  Don’t be fooled however, this is one of the toughest exercises you have to face; and you face it at least 21 times per week! You have the opportunity to grab this beast by the horns and wrestle it to the ground with all the strength that is yearning and screaming to come out of you.

While this may not be the sexiest exercise in my arsenal for my clients, it is one of the most effective. This technique works for clients of any fitness level.  It is called (drum roll please) the “Push Away.”  That’s right, the “Push Away.” 

Never heard of it before?  Here is what it entails from a physiological standpoint.  There is flexion in your knee, flexion in your hips, erect spine, flexion at the glenohumeral joint and flexion at the humeroulnar joint.  This is the starting point, and is better known as sitting at the table.  But now you need to execute the movement. 

As you sit at the table, with food in front of you, you extend the humeroulnar joint and flex at the glenohumeral joint.  Better said, push the food away.  I am NOT advocating that you not eat, rather, just the opposite. I am advocating that you start the process of joining the DON’T FINISH YOUR PLATE CLUB. Go ahead and eat half of your meal. Then excute the “Push Away.” After doing this, just sit…and wait…and see what happens. Purposely leave food on your plate. Maybe it is two or three bites of each food group you have on your plate. But leave it there. Then just wait, and wait some more…at least for 20 mins. Then check your hunger level.

Lastly, come back to this post, and record your findings. I would love to hear what happened with you when you put this into practice. Here’s to keeping you fit and healthy!

Stoping the “CAN’Ting” by “DON’Ting”

different donuts on white background

I am as big of an American as the next one, and to say that we hate being told that we CAN’T do something is just as bad as throwing up Christmas morning and not being well enough to even want to open your presents.  As a parent, I am often telling my children that they can’t do something (like mixing egg, flour, water, and hair gel….all together at the same time, on the living room carpet).  Now this might be for good reason, but let’s face it, we often push back on the things that we are told we can’t do. 

It is like that in any diet that we try to hold up to.  I can’t eat such-and-such, I can’t eat past such-and-such time of the day, or I can’t eat anything that taste better than twigs and dirt so that I adhere to the diet.  Doesn’t that just sound like a ton of fun and something that is attainable?  Almost as much as looking forward to a root canal.  However, I think I would rather chose a root canal than adhere to a diet that makes me eat twig like food. 

If you have tried to stay on track with a diet like this, what is it that you end up craving?  The food that ends up watering your taste buds is the very thing that you can’t have.  Eventually, your emotional brain will communicate you have to eat what it is that is being craved, otherwise you will explode into a million tiny pieces, or kill someone to get it.  Since jail time doesn’t sounds as appealing as just going out and getting that craving, you chose to get the craving met. 

Now while most of this can be avoided by taking simple steps that you read about in this blog each week, it can also be avoided by a change in your psyche.  What if you changed the phrase, “I can’t eat that,” to a better phrase, “I DON’T eat that .”  While this seems like a very small and insignificant phrase not worth really trying, consider the following.

No one likes to feel out of control.  People don’t enjoy having situations where there is nothing that can be done in the situation.  We try to avoid this at all cost, and for often times, good reason.  It isn’t something most people wake up in the morning and think of ways in which they can be out of the most possible control of their lives.  If you did do this today, seek professional and medical help.  For the other 99.9% of us that do not enjoy this, it is this lack of control, that we often unknowingly approach our diet with.

We have our diet in control of us, which is why we usually cave and give in only after a week, if that, of adhering to the diet.  It becomes overwhelming and too difficult.  Instead, what if we are the ones that are truly in control, and simply state, “No, that is not me anymore….I do not eat that on a consistent basis anymore.”?  See the difference?  It puts you completely in control, and empowers you.  It doesn’t mean you wont be tempted by the smell of food, or the desire to eat it, but it does put you in control instead of being powerless.

I dare you to try it, even if you think I am nuts, just for a week.  Then come back to the blog, and put your findings in the comment section.  I am sure that what you say, others will be feeling the same thing.  So take the challenge, and stop “CAN’Ting” by “DON’Ting”.