The Hardest Exercise EVER!

CerealAfter reading the title of this blog, you might very likely yell out “ONE LEGGED 15 POINT BURPEE!”  I assure you that the exercise I’m talking about has nothing to with movements spawned in the pit of hell.  Don’t be fooled however, this is one of the toughest exercises you have to face; and you face it at least 21 times per week! You have the opportunity to grab this beast by the horns and wrestle it to the ground with all the strength that is yearning and screaming to come out of you.

While this may not be the sexiest exercise in my arsenal for my clients, it is one of the most effective. This technique works for clients of any fitness level.  It is called (drum roll please) the “Push Away.”  That’s right, the “Push Away.” 

Never heard of it before?  Here is what it entails from a physiological standpoint.  There is flexion in your knee, flexion in your hips, erect spine, flexion at the glenohumeral joint and flexion at the humeroulnar joint.  This is the starting point, and is better known as sitting at the table.  But now you need to execute the movement. 

As you sit at the table, with food in front of you, you extend the humeroulnar joint and flex at the glenohumeral joint.  Better said, push the food away.  I am NOT advocating that you not eat, rather, just the opposite. I am advocating that you start the process of joining the DON’T FINISH YOUR PLATE CLUB. Go ahead and eat half of your meal. Then excute the “Push Away.” After doing this, just sit…and wait…and see what happens. Purposely leave food on your plate. Maybe it is two or three bites of each food group you have on your plate. But leave it there. Then just wait, and wait some more…at least for 20 mins. Then check your hunger level.

Lastly, come back to this post, and record your findings. I would love to hear what happened with you when you put this into practice. Here’s to keeping you fit and healthy!


About Ben Cook

Ben has been in the fitness industry for over eight years. As a Certified personal trainer he has conducted fitness classes, boot camps, fitness competitions, and helped his clients lose hundreds of pounds, gain confidence and lead healthier lifestyles. Nationally certified through the American Council of Exercise, Ben has put together both individual and group plans along with conducting personal nutrition classes. Recently Ben opened Body Evolution Wellness, LLC, and is offering individual and semi-private personal training sessions as well as boot camp experiences. Personal consultations and individualized personal exercise plans are also available. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog. Look for coming soon to a computer or smart phone near you!

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